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All But Dissertation Cmu Dimensions

What silverlake says is what I've always been taught, and now that my current firm only dim's to face of finish and clearances, I really believe it.

Dimension to face of stud, and keep the finishes to yourself. that way if they build it wrong, they have no argument. Liability aside, the chances that the architect who has been working on it, detailing, etc will get it wrong on the CD set is far less than the chance that the apprentice construction worker will screw it up.

In my previous firm we were drawing all walls accurately from DD on. Every line, the stud, the gwb(whatever finish) and cavities were all drawn, and the face of stud was the bold line, not the face of finish, just to reinforce this on enlarged plans. It was simple in autocad, and actually did not take that much longer. I loved it cause it because you could easily open up a plan and see what had been thought out carefully, and what still needed development. It also enabled anbody to jump on the project and know what the walls/details were made of.

ABD Status

Enrollment - In Residence (On Campus)

In Residence students enroll like all other students - they must meet all registration and payment deadlines (as listed on the Academic Calendar). In Residence students are verified as full-time students, provided they are registered and enrolled for loan deferments (and other third-party verifications).

In Residence students may cross-register for courses through the Cross-Registration (PCHE) program. Those who wish to cross-register must make sure that their total units are 36 or greater (not including the number of units for the cross-registered course) in order to not be assessed an additional tuition charge. Students who are only registered for 5 units are not eligible to cross-register.

Final Semester - In Residence

In Residence students remain on campus to finish their dissertation. They must register and pay for a minimum of 5 units each semester. The student's department determines the number of units actually taken (5 if non-support, or 36 if supported), following college and university policies. The student's department is also responsible for ensuring that In Residence students are registered for the appropriate number of units each semester.

Enrollment - In Absentia (Off Campus)

ABD students In Absentia finish their dissertations off campus. They do not register and are not charged tuition (except for their final semester). Students In Absentia will be assessed the technology fee each semester they are In Absentia.

Students In Absentia are not verified as students (either full-time or part-time) to loan agencies or outside organizations, and may not cross-register for courses. Because they are not in student status, some international students cannot become In Absentia. Please contact the Office of International Education for more information.

In Absentia students have only limited access to university facilities, such as libraries and computer clusters. Since students In Absentia are not registered for courses and are not charged tuition and relevant ID Card-related fees (i.e., transportation, activity), their Carnegie Mellon ID Card access privileges are deactivated. ID Cards for In Absentia students are not renewable unless a student's status changes to In Residence

Final Semester - In Absentia

In Absentia students must register and pay for a minimum of 5 units during their final semester of degree completion. There will be no adjustment to tuition regardless of certification date when registered for 5 units. Once the student is certified, in order to have tuition assessed, the department must submit an ABD Status Change (pdf) form and a Doctoral Student Tuition Adjustment (pdf) form.

The student's enrollment status will then be changed from In Absensia to Conditionally Enrolled, their program code will be changed from In Absentia to In Residence, the course will be added to their academic record, and tuition will be assessed for 5 units. The student is responsible for paying tuition. When the student's account is paid in full, enrollment status will then be changed from Conditionally Enrolled to Enrolled.

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