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Human Trafficking Research Paper Ideas On Child

When we hear the phrase "human trafficking," we often think of movement—that people are being trafficked, moved around, perhaps even from country to country. This is not necessarily the case. In some cases, human trafficking does not refer whatsoever to geographical location. People can be trafficked in their own hometown and even come home to their loved ones at the end of the day. These kinds of cases aren't what people usually imagine when they think of human trafficking—and they can make a strong subject for a paper that will deepen a reader's understanding of the issue.

In first-world countries, we often want to think that human trafficking is something far away from us, but that is simply not true. Research into "local" cases of human trafficking, as well as signs we can use to identify someone being trafficked, will definitely add to one's understanding of this horrible system.

I know that these are difficult topics to deal with, because we do not want to think of anyone being abused in the ways that these victims are, but educating yourself on the problem can lead to you being a part of the solution. 

Young victims remain at risk because current laws are focused on concerns over immigration and the economy.

Ten years ago as a BBC special correspondent Kurt Barling broke the story of a teenager who had been abused as a domestic servant. Now he reports on what happened next.

Slavery is making a comeback, thanks to Islamic State and Boko Haram. But the UN can help.

Child labour in Tanzania is driven largely by poverty. More must be done to keep children in school so their skills aren't lost to the economy in the long run.

The destruction wrought by two earthquakes in Nepal opened up a major opportunity for child traffickers.

Prohibiting the transfer of under-18s hasn't stopped it happening. Football needs a new approach.

Tokyo Sexwale, one of the candidates for football's top job, has pledged to end what has been called 'football's slave trade'.

Most of the world's 'orphans' are not orphans at all and many are caught up in a global trade in meeting demand for adoption. Making intercountry adoption easier adds to the risks for these children.

On Sunday, January 25, Prime Minister Tony Abbott released a little more detail about his plans for adoption in Australia. Although specifics are still pretty thin on the ground, the announcement makes…

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