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Writing Discursive Essay Examples

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List Of Easy Discursive Essay Topics You Should Discuss

What is a discursive essay?

A discursive essay is a piece of writing that is of two types. In first case, you will be given a point and you need to discuss the arguments in favor of the topic and against of it. You should discuss both the pros and cons of the two sides neutrally. In second case, you may take any one side and put a persuasive tone to prove your point.

Tips to write a quality discursive essay

  • If you writing it for your school project, then you must include your own personal experiences in a discursive article.

  • If you are a college student, then the inclusion of various data, statistics and anecdotes are required in the article body.

  • A quality discursive article must contain minimum six paragraphs, ex- introduction, two paragraphs in support of the topic, next two paragraphs against it, conclusion.

12 discursive essay topics that are good points to be discussed

  1. Is good grammar necessary in case of spoken English or it may scare away the non-native English language speakers in the beginning?

  2. Should cars be replaced from the roads by bi-cycles to curb traffic and level of pollution in a metro? And if it’s implemented, then what can be the repercussions?

  3. Zoos are great sources of entertainment and knowledge, especially for children, but it fosters the misery of caged animals. Should zoos be abolished?

  4. Uniforms in school produces unity but on the other hand, limit freedom of expression. Should uniforms be banned in schools?

  5. Discuss the pros and cons of video games among children of impressionable ages.

  6. It’s the lifestyle of teenager that needs to be blamed if he/she suffers from obesity. Discuss.

  7. Social networking sites are responsible for the slow death of the habit of reading among school students. Explain.

  8. Film stars and pop artists are healthy role models in front of the current generation.

  9. A child of a single parent becomes hardworking and practical faster than the one who has both the parents.

  10. The ‘people-pleasing’ attitude is detrimental to build an ideal leader out of you. Elaborate.

  11. The TV reality shows are more about nipping the fresh talents at the bud than that of encouraging them. Discuss it in the context of music reality shows and X-factor.

  12. The fundamental role of a woman has not changed and will not change even in the coming 20 years from that of the previous generations’. Explain.

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